How to Speed Up Your Commercial Loan

get commercial loan quickerCustomer service and complete satisfaction is my highest goal when we do business together. There will be times when your prompt participation will be required while both starting the commercial mortgage loan processing and during.

In order to provide quality service and to avoid delays with your new commercial mortgage loan, commercial funding, business loan or your equipment leasing request, please respond promptly to our loan application, information, processing, and documentation requests.

The fist step of the commercial loan process is that we will provide with a list of items needed. The second step is for us at is to collect those documents usually within 24 to 48 hours. Then a loan analyst or loan underwriter will be able to review your loan request along with the documentation and inform you if the deal can move forward as well as provide the borrower/investor with the terms of the loan.

When a borrower/investor promptly completes all of their loan documentation the time frame for obtaining the funds is dramatically reduced.

So of the docs need may include the following such as subject property photographs, a commercial property appraisal, property surveys and other information necessary for your particular loan request.

commercial mortgage loan applicationYou can submit the documents in digital files formats by e-mail attachment or by fax. In some cases, digital signatures are acceptable by commercial lenders pending your signature at closing. Many of our commercial mortgage lenders can complete commercial mortgage loans within 30 to 45 days. Some loans could close sooner and some may take a bit longer depending on your project and its requirements.

Once you have submitted your complete application your loan officer will respond quickly. You will then receive a letter of intent from you lender if your loan request is acceptable. The next step would be to comply with and satisfy the loan conditions. Your loan officer and loan processor will be working on that and will contact you as needs arise. Please respond to their requests as they come along. Finally you will receive a loan commitment letter from the lender to proceed to loan closing and funding.

You may also contact us via support on this website. You’ll also have assess to the broker and loan officer who is processing your commercial mortgage loan.

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