3 Amazing Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business!

small business owner marketingWhen you try to advertise and market your business either online or offline, let me provide you with some really good marketing tips and advertising tips that will take away some frustration when you do this.

#1. Create Ads That Grab The Prospects Attention Immediately

In every hour of every day how many ads to you see and hear? It doesn’t matter if you’re online where there is no shortage of ads, listening to the radio, watching the television or even reading a newspaper or magazine we are constantly getting hit with advertising ads. Even though we see advertising of some sort on a daily basis it seems like many of these ads don’t make a big impact at grabbing attention. For an advertisement to be effective it real has to stand out and identify with the person hearing the message. Grab and hold their attention.

If You Want To Make Your Customers Remember You and Compel Them To Do Business With You…You Must Do Something

That Will Astonish Them… Several Times A Year!

That’s right, several times a year, you must do something for your customers that will literally astonish them – something that will make them say… “Wow!” This way, whenever they need or want the type of product or service you sell, they’ll come to you without a moment of hesitation.

Here is an example of ad with features and NO benefits…

“A Delicious Health Drink That Everyone Must Have!”

Ok… so why should I have it? Don’t advertise features, like delicious, red, warm, fast, ect. Advertise the benefits that will solve a problem! Then you will begin to see success in your advertising.

Take a look at the next headline:

“A Delicious Health Drink That Will Kick Start Your Heart In The Morning, And Take The Pounds Off By The Weekend!”

Another ad style would be high impact headlines – it’s important to snag their attention right away.

2. Get Personal with New Customers

When you call a company to inquire about a product or service have you been caught in the cycle of automated phone menu? I mean you push nine numbers and end up back at the main menu and never did speak to a sales person. People are hungry for personal interaction in the marketplace. Why not look for better ways to make your business a personal experience that your customers will appreciate. Get to know something about the people who walk through your doors. Let the people who visit your website know something about you. It’s easier to trust an individual than a huge impersonal company…and trust is crucial to building a pool of loyal customers.

3. Paint a Pretty Picture

So the end of a stressful week at work as arrived. As I close up the shop for the weekend I start thinking about all of that other stuff that is going to demand my attention this weekend. I really want to just get away from all of the demands I’ll have to deal with and instead head to the lake and take it easy on my boat to do some fishing. The tranquil sound of the water and nature is much more soothing that it could make me fall asleep.

Put your customers, clients or your patients on the boat. painting word pictures that capture their emotions will be more effective that the raw facts of the benefit your product or service offers. Describe what the benefits will do for them, vividly and in great detail…get them panting for the end result. This is a wonderful method to paint your way to a sale!

Instead of talking about the product or service itself we instead discussed dealing with human emotions and behaviors. When we are able to have a connection with the customer as well as getting them to like and trust you, then you will see better results in your sales and marketing strategies. When you do this they will feel good about paying for your products or services. I hope that you will find my marketing tips and advertising tips very useful.

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