Irving TX Commercial Real Estate

commercial real estate in irving tx

Irving Texas, especially the Las Colinas area I would consider to be a location that is doing well economically and especially for Irving commercial real estate in general. To begin with the local economy is doing wonderful. If you can’t find a job here then maybe you’re just not employable! I mean there is lots of hiring going on here every day as well as it is a good place to live.

There are several major companies based in this area as well as many small businesses of every type too. Because Irving (Las Colinas) has a central location between Dallas and Fort Worth and it is near DFW Airport and Love Field, Las Colinas has been a viable place in the Metroplex for corporate and business relocation. Some of the big corporation located here are Exxon/mobile, AT&T, Verizon, AAA Texas, Kimberly-Clark and many others that occupy commercial real estate in Irving TX.

Recently the Dallas DART rail line has been added to serve Irving and as of the writing of this article, now has service to the DFW airport. Airline passengers and business people will be able to catch a train to Irving or Dallas from DFW seven days a week. The DART rail line runs strait through the Las Colinas area. There is also bus service available and the train stops. I think overall that this is a further improvement to Irving commercial real estate market.

Irving multi family housing is a big business here too and even more so now. New Irving multi family construction and development can be seen in happening many locations here locally. Considering where some of these apartment complexes are being built, it seems that developers are taking every opportunity to utilize vacant land as a new project. What further amazes me is that the new apartment units are getting leased! Irving commercial real estate in my opinion now is kind of ‘hot’!

As far as new office building construct, retail store construction or other types of commercial real estate in Irving I have not noticed. It is mostly new multi family, new day care centers and new custom built homes. In a couple of years it seems to me that the up trend in Irving commercial real estate development will plateau and level off. However I do not see this particular market going down for a long time. Please that based on my local observations around town that there is only limited amounts of vacant land available and my guess, and it just a guess, is that commercial land loans in this area, would probably be seriously considered and approved for a commercial mortgage versus other areas or other parts of the country. Commercial land loans. Need a loan contact me.

After speaking with several local folks here, it seems that many are relocating to Irving Texas, especially the Las Colinas and even the Valley ranch areas because of all of the opportunities for jobs and otherwise. It is really a good place to live and work. I think that is the biggest attraction factor. I live here by the way…

So if you are outside of the Metroplex area and were online wondering what in the heck is going on in Irving Texas I hope that this short write up can provide some insight. Thank you for taking a few moments from your day to read about Irving commercial real estate.

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