Now You Can Purchase Commercial Property with No Down Payment

This is 100% Commercial Real Estate Financing.

Please read all of the information below, so that you get a good understanding about this.

Who is this for?

Any small or medium sized business that currently leases their space but would like an opportunity to own it instead.

This is also for commercial real estate investors who want to purchase commercial property using other people’s money.

This can also be used for commercial real estate acquisitions/improvements, business acquisitions, partner buyouts and expansions. This also includes the construction of commercial property too.

The Loan amounts available for this are $500,000 to $5 million

So if you feel that this is something you would like to know more about, then below I will share the details about it. After reading this post, feel free to contact me to get more details and answer your questions.

The process always starts with an application. After completing the application, some additional docs will be required, as you will see below.


Max loan term is 25 Years. A longer repayment period lowers the monthly payment and could perhaps free up cash flow.

51% or more of the property needs to be occupied by the borrower/owner.

There is NO balloon payment.

NO Financial covenants.

No down payment needed as I already mentioned.

There is a 3 years prepayment penalty.

Credit score requirement is 650+

Interest rates: WSJ Prime +up to 3% which depends on the condition of the file.

With this loan, you will also have the opportunity to include funding for equipment and working capital!

Close takes about 30 – 45 days. (Tip: Returning requires docs quickly helps speed up the process)

Letter of Interest turn around time – 24 hours.

When submitting an application the other documentation that will be required is an executive summary, three years financials for both personal and the business, (if an existing business is being acquired, we would need three years financials on that business), a business debt schedule and a personal financial statement.

I feel that this will create an opportunity to acquire commercial real estate, whom in the past may have been on the sidelines due to other commercial mortgage lenders having loan to value ratios of 80 – 90LTV.

Please share this page to your social media as there may be others who may need something like this for their business.

And remember that not only can you finance your own building but we can include capital for new equipment and build out!

Note: Individualized, formal terms and rate quotes are provided with loan pre-screenings, and are dependent upon many credit/underwriting factors. Some states and industries may be excluded from this offer.

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Benefits for the borrower…

  • Reduce the monthly payment amount by being able to have a longer repayment term.
  • Expand or Invest in your business with increased cash flow.
  • This is available for many types of industries that include: retail, industrial, medical, manufacturing, hotels, professional, office, franchise restaurants, gas stations/c-stores and much more.
  • Low down payment on multi-purpose real estate acquisitions.

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