Commercial Mortgage Financing Loans: Are you searching for someone now to help you with your commercial real estate financing?

So you found the perfect real estate investment, it’s a big opportunity. But when it comes to trying to find the best commercial mortgage loan online it seems like it’s a maze. Who should you contact first?

agreeing on commercial mortgage dealHave you been to your local bank? Did they take their sweet time closely looking at your project only to turn it down while putting your earnest money at risk and not being able to meet your deadline? Local banks are very selective and want the perfect most stable commercial property to provide commercial mortgage financing. Banks will require your personal guarantee which will put all of your personal assets at risk in case of loan default. So obviously the local bank may not be your best choice, although it appears that it is, in the beginning.

Don’t let your local bank put your perfect investment into jeopardy!

Our commercial mortgage programs offer a better option to traditional bank loans which is ideal for investor/borrowers seeking financing for various types of commercial property.

How about working with an experienced and resourceful commercial mortgage brokerage that understands commercial real estate? Let us give you the best experience and we’ll work hard to bring your loan to the closing table. We can offer you a non recourse loan which will keep all of your assets out of the deal and no personal guarantee is required, unlike the very conservative banks.

Now is a great time to contact us for your new commercial mortgage financing loan. We have the relationships with the lenders who want to lend money on your commercial property project. Every deal is closely evaluated very quickly by an experienced commercial loan officer. Once we look at the loan details and if the deal looks fundable, you’ll be provided with rates and other information.

Commercial mortgage loans can provide financing to purchase or refinance various types of commercial real estate like multifamily apartment buildings, mixed use, office building and several other types of property. Commercial Mortgage loans are almost always designed to be underwritten based entirely on the attributes of the property being financed, as opposed to the credit attributes of the borrower.

It’s easy to get started with us and there are no obligations. We do not charge any up front fees. We are compensated by the lender, not you, at loan closing. When we contact you, here are some of the items you’ll be asked:

A). What is the main purpose of this commercial mortgage loan.

B). Do you already have a commercial mortgage loan agreement in place with a bank or broker for your purchase or re-finance.

C). Approximately how much are you requesting for this commercial mortgage loan and what is the main purpose of this commercial mortgage loan.

D). Details about the subject property.

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