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interest rates for commercial mortgages pictureHave you spoken to other commercial real estate lenders or brokers and it seems to be difficult to get an accurate quote for commercial mortgage interest rates?

Experienced borrowers and investors, please contact us now to get more information.

…If you are a new investor or borrower, you may find the commercial mortgage loan process a bit frustrating. I think some commercial mortgage loan borrowers assume that getting a commercial mortgage interest rate is the same as shopping for a residential home loan interest rate.

Well it is not. In the commercial real estate arena obtaining financing and getting an rates for commercial mortgages is different. In order to provide an interest rate quote for a commercial real estate loan, there is a lot of information that is needed about the property as well as the borrower. Cash flow analysis of the commercial property will be looked at closely by the lender before a letter of intent or an interest rate quote can be offered to the borrower.

So please when you call me, don’t get frustrated, when I am not able to provide you with a quote right way. This is because commercial mortgages require a lot of analysis. These are big deals, and not something you just “shop”. You need to find a qualified broker who has the right lenders for your deal, like us, and allow us to do some research into your project. This will prevent declines and frustration in the future once your loan is officially submitted with a lender who is willing to finance or refinance your property.

We work quickly to provide you with the details and information you are seeking about your commercial real estate property.

We have connections, resources and relationships with hundred of commercial mortgage lenders nationwide and investors that may be willing to loan you the money you need for your project.

To speak perfectly honest with you… Your local banks only want to lend money to those who really don’t need the money. They are very conservative lenders. Typically they will only lend money on commercial properties for a short amount of time like 5-7 years, then the note is due. if you even get approved for the loan in the first place. Not only that but their rates tend to be higher than what we can offer you since we have access to several lenders who really want to know more about your loan needs.

We have the commercial mortgage lenders who are ready to look at your deal right away. Just contact us now with some of the basic information. That’s the first step. It’s simple. I will ask you some questions and refer you to the most qualified loan officer. This person has then resources to get your deal funded. If it is not fundable or there is some parameter that is a problem, they will let you know.

Go ahead and submit a loan request or call the phone number on this webpage to get the best commercial mortgage interest rates.

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