Why Use a Business Loan Broker?

Business loan brokers are an amazing way to get access to working capital and other alternative types of funding and financing for your business. If your business is located in The United States and you have a need for money, then Commvestor Funding is a great place to get started using. – Business Loan Brokers.

Merchant Cash Advance Advantages

When considering a merchant cash advance or MCA one should consider the following benefits to this type of funding. The application process is short and simplified and overall it is a quick process. It’s actually the fastest way to gain access to capital for your business. When it comes time for a loan most people […]

Financing Commercial Real Estate

  Most people know about commercial finance but in this post we will look at how commercial real estate finance or commercial mortgages are different. Loans that are secured by personal property and commercial real estate loans fall into the commercial finance category. A subset of this would be commercial mortgages and commercial property loans. […]

Why Do Small Businesses Take Out Loans

  When small or medium sized companies need extra money for their business the first place they will resort to would be small business loans. There are all kinds of reasons why a small business would need a commercial loan. Local banks and credit unions are usually the first place where they would go. Is […]

Bad Credit Business Loans

While considering bad credit business loans, they can potentially be notoriously difficult to obtain in these times, and often come at an extraordinary cost. These bad credit business loans are lending instruments designed to help companies with less-than-perfect credit standing obtain financing needed to perform operations, expand or even launch. The loans are particularly planned […]

Equipment Leasing

  Equipment Leasing is the perfect tool to acquire new equipment without further leveraging your company’s balance sheet. This is the one good option that allows you to get the things you need for your business, without having to pay for the items up front. Equipment leasing is a great way to get all of […]

Business Equipment Financing

Business Equipment Financing is able to provide your business a competitive edge by minimizing tax liability, conserving credit and capital, and protecting against equipment obsolescence. This is good to know because business equipment financing is a cost effective option for the many needs of today’s businesses. This is is an affordable option for companies that […]

Business Equipment Leasing

Business equipment leasing can reduce your initial costs for acquisitions and can increase your cash flow. The leases gives you immediate access to the capital equipment you need with payments to fit your budget. This leasing offers reasonable prices on a vast array of equipment for all kinds of businesses. Business equipment leasing also gives […]

Construction Equipment Financing

Construction equipment financing has two primary options, loan or lease.Construction equipment financing: dump truck financing, heavy equipment leasing. Construction Equipment Financing and Leasing Customized Construction Equipment Financing and Leasing. Are you looking to expand or enhance your business by bringing in additional construction equipment? Heavy construction equipment financing applies to new or used equipment, and […]

Creative Business Financing

Creative business financing are new financial products available which offer a creative and revolutionary new way to finance your business operations. Creative Business Financing is a commercial funding company that specializes in conventional and private financing needs. Creative Business Financing considers that every loan must be structured around each client’s unique set of financial circumstances. […]

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