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Let us show you a way to finance equipment that is gaining popularity with businesses and organizations of all types in the United States.

Before I begin, chances are that some of you may have already been to a traditional bank and got turned down for a small business loan.

In addition to that there are high interest rate loans or merchant cash advance funding that seem to be an expensive way to finance equipment.

If you are looking to purchase equipment for your business, whether it be:

  • Medical equipment
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Yellow Iron, Tractors, Bulldozers
  • Manufacturing CNC machines
  • Trucks / Commercial vehicles
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Software (Financed up to 36 months)
  • Computers / Hardware
  • And the list goes on…

Then seriously consider an “Equipment Finance Leasing”. Equipment financing for small businesses is a broad term as it covers a variety of items like CNC machinery for manufacturing or an espresso machine for a coffee shop.

What is an Equipment Lease Finance Agreement?

This type of financing for equipment is basically a bridge between a lease and a small business loan. When you look at an equipment lease and a loan, they look very similar in terms and conditions. The lease has a monthly payment and it is for a certain period of time. The equipment lease is a how the finance is being provided. Basically a leasing company (who is the lessor – owner of equipment) purchases the equipment (asset) you need. In this transaction you are not a loan borrower, but a lessee for the term agreed upon.

You can finance up to 100% by using equipment lease financing with good credit!

Average credit may require some sort of down payment. Contact us to get helpful information. No sales pressure. I just want to help and advise.

When you apply for an equipment lease for financing, it really is a quick and easy way to purchase something.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing:

  • Low APR Rates
  • Same monthly payments
  • Tax benefits (Sec 179)
  • Improves business credit
  • Equipment is a strong collateral
  • Conserve and Control Cash
  • Upgrade outdated Equipment.
  • More Attractive Balance Sheet


  • Credit determines down payment required.
  • Financed equipment can become outdated, depending on term length

Best Way to Use Equipment Lease Financing

  • Need working capital to obtain equipment
  • A business that has equipment, but needs more
    Startups (Tell us the details of your project and I’ll have an underwriter look at it for consideration)

Now is the best time to get started if you read this far!

If the equipment you want to purchase is a strong collateral then this type of equipment financing is available to you now.

Here at Commvestor Funding we have strong relationships with equipment finance providers who want to help. They offer amazing rates and terms. Our application process is simple and quick when you get started.

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Honestly the secret to closing and getting funded is to turn in your application and any supporting documents that may be required. Turn around times are faster this way.

What to Expect when You Call?

1. Tell us about the equipment, why you need it and what will it be used for
2. Why do you need the money and how much?
3. Time frame… When will you need to get the equipment?
3. I’ll ask about your credit (credit FICO score) and income
4. I’ll need to gather your business name, your name, email and phone number

Once I gather this information, I pass it on to my loan reviewer who will go over the information and will contact you promptly. You’ll be advised about the next step of this process…

Most likely they will ask you to complete a simple 1 page application, will need 3 months banks statements, eventually an invoice and how long do you want the repayment terms to be. 1 to 5 years? Note: 36 months or less on software.

Get started now and let’s get that equipment you need! 972-715-1618

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