Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to visit our website. After speaking with many people we have noticed that many new visitors wonder who is Commvestor and what do they do?

Right now (2018) the economy is pretty good in every state of the USA. A few years back this was not the case. Now that the DOW is up and many local businesses are growing, this is resulting in an increase demand for capital. Simply put many small business, both new and establish have needs NOW for money.

As such, many businesses will need funds to grow their business, purchase equipment or even commercial real estate. And that’s is where we come in. We market our website as a Commercial Marketplace. This is based on two important concepts in this current business market.

  1. The need for capital for all sorts of small businesses nationwide (USA)
  2. The need to buy, sell or lease commercial property
  3. The upcoming and growing demand for baby boomers to sell their business

That is the area and demographics that we target and want to help.

As far as funding and providing money to small businesses and commercial property investors. We got you covered. That is because I have spent a huge amount of time reaching out to the best lenders how are ready and actively accepting loan applications. They want to do deals!

You need the money and I got the lenders who want to hear from you. Me and my associates get most of our clients through local bank turn downs. Most people think that their local bank will lend them money. If you have high credit scores and are ready to provide a plethora of paperwork and wait 2 months + for capital that may be the way to go.

If you need quicker access to money, depending on the type of loan you need, we can help. Contact us and tell me or one of my associates what you are in need of and we will hep you today.

As far as business loans go for the small business owner or start up goes… We have loan programs that can get you funded in a few short days. That is if you understand how money works and you need it quickly.

Equipment leasing is available and the terms we have are worth 5 minutes of your time to find out more and NO hard sales ever from me or my staff. 

Purchase or refinancing commercial real estate is our specialty. Again 5 minutes of your time is well worth your time to get the commercial mortgage details, terms and other important information. However I can personally assure we work with the best lenders who offer low rates and terms that are very attractive. Most likely you will be hard pressed to find something better elsewhere since we know the market well and appreciate your business.

Touch to Call!